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Konsorcjum Naukowe

Artykuły naukowe

  1. L. Glöggler et al. (AEḡIS Collaboration)
    Positronium laser cooling via the 13S-23P transition with a broadband laser pulse
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 132, 083402 (2024) • PDF
  2. M. Volponi et al. (AEḡIS Collaboration)
    CIRCUS: an autonomous control system for antimatter, atomic and quantum physics experiments
    EPJ Quantum Technol. 11, 40 (2024) • PDF
  3. M. Doser, G. Farrar, G. Kornakov
    Searching for a dark matter particle with anti-protonic atoms
    Eur. Phys. J. C 83, 1149 (2023) • PDF
  4. G. Kornakov, G. Cerchiari, J. Zieliński, L. Lappo, G. Sadowski, and M. Doser
    Synthesis of cold and trappable fully stripped highly charged ions via antiproton-induced nuclear fragmentation in traps
    Phys. Rev. C 107, 034314 (2023) • PDF
  5. P. Kościk, T. Sowiński
    Universality of internal correlations of strongly interacting p-wave fermions in one-dimensional geometry
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 253401 (2023) • PDF
  6. L. Glöggler et al. (AEḡIS Collaboration)
    High-resolution MCP-TimePix3 imaging/timing detector for antimatter physics
    Meas. Sci. Technol. 33, 115105 (2022) • PDF

Publikacje konferencyjne

  1. G. Kornakov
    Systems For Antimatter and Ion Control, Manipulation and Sensing
    Proceedings of the ELTE23 Conference Ryn, 18-21 kwietnia 2023
  2. Saiva Huck et al. (AEḡIS Collaboration)
    Toward a pulsed antihydrogen beam for WEP tests in AEgIS
    EPJ Web Conf. 282, 01005 (2023) • PDF

Prezentacje konferencyjne

  1. T. Sowiński
    Precise atomic physics utilizing antimatter
    WPCF-Resonance Workshop 2023 (invited talk)
    Katania, Włochy, 8 listopada 2023
  2. T. Sowiński
    Nuclear quadrupole resonance in odd-A antiprotonic atoms
    Symposium on New-trends in Nuclear and Medical Physics (invited talk)
    Kraków, 20 października 2023
  3. G. Kornakov
    Antiprotonic atoms as gateways for dark matter
    The XVIII International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics
    Wiedeń, Austria, 28 sierpnia 2023
  4. J. Zieliński
    Toward pulsed production of antihydrogen and test of the Weak Equivalence Principle for antimatter
    The International Conference on New Frontiers in Physics
    Kreta, Grecja, 10 lipca 2023
  5. G. Kornakov
    Quantum systems for enhanced detectors for High Energy Particle Physics
    Quantum Information in Spain
    Santiago de Compostela, Hiszpania, 29 maja 2023
  6. G. Kornakov
    Systems For Antimatter and Ion Control, Manipulation and Sensing
    Konferencja Naukowa Technologia Elektronowa XIV ELTE 2023
    Ryn, 18 kwietnia 2023

Plakaty konferencyjne

  1. A. Linek
    AEgIS: Synthesis of mid-heavy antiprotonic atoms at CERN
    XXXIII International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions
    Ottawa, Kanada, 25 lipca – 1 sieprnia 2023
  2. Ł. Kłosowski, M. Piwiński
    Forming a pulsed beam of anions via electron dissociative attachment to diatomic molecules
    The 75th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference
    Sendai, Japonia, 3-7 października 2022
  3. M. Grosbart
    Coupling a Paul trap-based ion source with Antiproton Decelerator for exotic atom production, studies and applications
    28th International Nuclear Physics Conference
    Cape Town, South Africa, 11-16 września 2022
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